Seeing Physarum

"What is hardest of all? That which seems most simple: to see with your eyes what is before your eyes."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are many ways to see Physarum. Walking in a damp forest, looking through a microscope, examining a picture or a movie, or studying a diagram that schematizes one or more of the complex processes of which this fascinating organism is capable. In this section we provide links to pages that were separate sections in the earlier version of this website. But - as we upgraded the website in 2014-2015 - we came to realize that the separate sections really belong together, because they are all different ways of seeing Physarum.

To see an array of pictures (single images) of Physarum, click here.

To view some movies of Physarum (an organism with astonishing capacity for motion), click here.

And to look at some schematics that attempt to "see" how Physarum does some of the things it does, click here.

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