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This section is arranged in three subsections, designed to recognize - and rectify - some problems related to the explosive growth of scientific publication in all fields, including those related to research on Physarum. Each sub-section is introduced with a brief statement of the 'problem', and contains a list of links (in reverse chronological order) to a series of items posted here to help solve the problems.


The first 'problem' is that many important results are accepted for publication but do not actually appear in print for rather long periods of time. While the 'specialists' in the field may be aware of the results, many workers who would find the results interesting and/or helpful do not learn of them until after a long time lag. To help the Physarum community deal with this reality, we offer researchers the option of posting here a brief synopsis of the accepted publication (along with the expected date and site of publication). Once the paper has appeared in print we will remove the posting from this section. This subsection is available here.


The second problem we seek to deal with is related to unpublished results. Many workers, in a range of fields, find they have one or more papers that languish in files (or on computers). The papers contain results that are of potential value to other scientists, but are unlikely to ever be published, for a variety of reasons. The work is "not quite done". Or it was submitted to a journal but rejected because it appears to duplicate published work (but does not really) or is not "exciting enough". Or it is regarded as too speculative (many of the most important findings in any field are regarded as speculative when first published). In this section we offer Physarologists the option to publish such papers for the potential benefit of colleagues who are perfectly capable of judging whether the article is worthy of being made available to the scientific community. We do NOT claim to have conducted a peer review of such articles. The Webmaster will make a reasonable attempt to solicit the opinion of others in the Myxomycete community as to the quality of the paper and - if serious criticisms are raised - the author(s) will be given the option of withdrawing the submission. But we will leave the decision to the author(s), recognizing that it is they who have the most to lose by thus "publishing" material of questionable validity. This subsection is available here.


The third problem (which this sub-section addresses) is that the hectic pace of current research (and the scramble to "publish or perish") nearly precludes the publication of articles (often rather speculative) in which investigators report interesting observations that they do not have time to pursue and/or attempt to summarize hitherto unrecognized connections between ongoing - or nearly forgotten - research threads that, in the opinion of the author(s), deserve consideration by others in the Physarum community. This subsection will also post thoughtful pieces that attempt to address problems with the "fabric" of current-day biological science research. By the same logic as indicated in the introduction to the UNPUBLISHED WORKS subsection (above), we view any errors made in articles posted here as acceptable and largely self-correcting. This subsection is available here.

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