Molecular Biology Protocols


Tim Burland

Warning: Some of these protocols involve procedures, and/or organisms and/or chemicals that can kill, maim or permanently injure you and those around you, and/or cause serious irreversible damage to health.  These protocols are for use only by personnel with the knowledge, training and expertise needed to prevent such harm.

Frozen Stocks of Physarum Amoebae

Bacteria for growing Physarum

Chloramphenicol acetyl transferase Assay for Physarum Amoebae

DNA Isolation from Amoebae of Physarum—rapid, small-scale method

DNA Isolation from Nuclei of Physarum

DNA Transformation of Physarum by Electroporation

Luciferase Assay for Physarum Amoebae

Media and Solutions for Physarum

Selection of Hygromycin B-resistant Transformants


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Last modified: Thursday, December 17, 1998