Physarum Newsletters

For many years, the Physarum Community circulated, by regular mail, a Physarum Newsletter, which was a vehicle for informing registered members of things like recently published articles, plans for upcoming meetings, changes in memberships, etc. The PNL - as it was called - was 'published' on an annual or biannual basis (see below) by a member of the community who performed the task as a 'labor of love'. [Each 'new' editor was self-selected when a current editor decided to cease serving as editor and asked for a volunteer replacement.] Costs of duplication, mailing, etc. were defrayed by voluntary contributions from members. For a variety of reasons, publication of PNL ceased with the issue (Vol 38:1) that was published in December, 2006. That issue was prepared in hard copy and as a pdf version, but all prior versions were only circulated as hard copy. As a matter of historical record (much of which is actually quite interesting), we have decided to scan available copies of each issue of PNL and post them here. [It should be noted that many of the functions of the PNL are now subserved by this website.] Our current Webmaster (who was the last PNL editor - prior to his retirement) is being assisted in this 'labor of love' by one of the earliest editors in the chain of PNL editors. Listed below are all volumes of the PNL for which we have been able to find a hard copy, scan it, and convert it to digital (pdf) format. To access a file, simply click on the item in the list.


PNL Vol. 38: December, 2006

PNL Vol. 20-2: February, 1989

PNL Vol. 20-1: August, 1988

PNL Vol. 19-2: December, 1987

PNL Vol. 19-1: July, 1987

PNL Vol. 18-2: December, 1986

PNL Vol. 18-1: Summer, 1986

PNL Vol. 17-2: December, 1985

PNL Vol. 17-1: June, 1985

PNL Vol. 16-2: December, 1984

PNL Vol. 16-1: Fall, 1984

PNL Vol. 15: Summer, 1984

PNL Vol. 14: Summer, 1983

PNL Vol. 13: Summer, 1982

PNL Vol. 12: Spring, 1981

PNL Vol. 11: Summer, 1980

PNL Vol. 10-2: Winter, 1978

PNL Vol. 10-1: Summer, 1978

PNL Vol. 9-1: Fall, 1977

PNL Vol. 8-2: Winter, 1976

PNL Vol. 8-1: Summer, 1976

PNL Vol. 7-1: July, 1975

PNL Vol. 6-2: December, 1974

PNL Vol. 6-1: July, 1974

PNL Vol. 5-2: December, 1973

PNL Vol. 5-1: June, 1973

PNL Vol. 4-2: November, 1972

PNL Vol. 4-1 (Cover Only): March 1972

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