The Goettingen Meeting in 1972

What appears to have been the First European Workshop on Physarum was held in Reinhausen, Germany from September 11-14, 1972. Arranged by Dr. A. Huettermann of the University of Goettingen, this meeting was held in the Gaesthaus of the University, in Reinhausen. Our archives are, unfortunately, lacking a copy of the "meeting booklet"; we would be very grateful to anyone who could provide us with a copy of the booklet, or other information about the meeting.

Dr. Jennifer Dee informs us that she, Dr. William Grant and Dr. Alan Wheals (all from the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester) attended the meeting and that it provided, for many workers in the field, the first opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues with whom they had been in correspndance for many years. The proceedings of the meeting were subsequently published in the Berichte of the Deutsche Botanische Gesellshaft (volume 86, 1973). Dr. Dee also recalls that the idea for a "free-standing" meeting of Physarum workers came about in discussions during the First International Mycological Congress, held the preceeding year (September 8-15, 1971) at the University of Exeter, England.

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