The Quebec Workshop 2000

[Photos follow text!]
The 2000 North American Physarum Meeting was held in Quebec,Canada, July 4-9, hosted by Dominick Pallotta and Andre Laroche of the University Laval. The venue was Le Manoir du Lac Delage, a lovely conference center (with housing, food services, and recreational facilities) on the outskirts of Quebec. Some 25 scientists (plus a number of spouses) from 8 countries enjoyed a series of stimulating talks, arranged in 6 sessions, with ample time interspersed for discussions. As usual, the sessions covered a wide range of Physarum studies, ranging from the molecular to the organismic. In addition we heard very interesting talks from guest speakers, enjoyed delicious food and ample "coffee break snacks", and took a wonderful walking tour of Quebec City. Those of us who participated owe warm thanks to Dominick and Andre as well as to their staff who worked so hard to arrange a meeting that ran so smoothly! Those of you who were not able to join us can see, below (click on each thumbnail), a number of photos taken at the meeting.

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Last modified: Sunday, December 17, 2000