PhysNet 2015: Physarum Workshop

The first Physarum Workshop in over a decade was held in New York City, December 3-5, 2015 in association with BioNet2015. Some 30 scientists were in attendance and over 20 formal presentations were made, including two Skype presentations. A wide range of topics was covered, as is indicated below.

The program as provided at the start of the Workshop is available here.

Abstracts of presentations were provided at the start of the Workshop, with the understanding that polished versions of most abstracts would be published formally after the conclusion of the meeting. The abstracts provided at the start of the Workshop are available here. [This is a large file and takes some time to load.]

Many who spoke at the Workshop agreed to provide digital versions of their presentations as time permitted. For a listing of the materials that have been provided to the Webmaster (with links to the digital files) click here.

During the course of the Workshop, Webmaster took a number of photographs. A subset of these (along with images showing the venue) is available here.

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