The Leicester Workshop 1998

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The 13th European Physarum Workshop was held in Leicester, England from June 30 through July 5, 1998. Sponsored and organized by the Department of Genetics, University of Leicester and the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, the Workshop was attended by over 30 Physarologists and friends, from eight countries. The Organizing Committee (Roger Anderson, Juliet Bailey, Rick Barber, Lynn Cook, Jenny Dee, Jenny Foxon, and Emma Swanston) did a superb job; your webmaster would like especially to thank Lynn Cook and Juliet Bailey and call attention to the fact that this was the last meeting at which Jenny Dee would participate as a full-time faculty member, although we all know that she is not "really" retired!! Interspersed amongst an opening reception, a daytrip to several area sites (NOT websites) of interest, a Conference Dinner, and bounteous meals (and snacks), were 11 scientific sessions and ample time to discuss the interesting results that were presented. The topics "covered in [the meeting spanned] the whole range of Physarum biology from ecology and development to cytoskeletal organization, gene expression and DNA replication".

Davy T'Jampens won the Best Graduate Student Presentation Award for his talk on "cDNA cloning of fragmin P, a developmentally regulated actin-binding protein from Physarum microplasmodia". Rick Barber ("Changes in cell fusion behaviour during sexual development of Physarum polycephalum") and Emma Swanston ("Identification and analysis of red genes") both were awarded second prize for their presentations.

At the close of the conference it was agreed that the next Physarum Workshop would be held in Quebec in the summer of 2000, to be hosted by the Pallotta group. Click on the thumbnails below to see the conference photo or one of the other photos taken at the meeting.

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