Meetings are a vital source of "cross-fertilization" for any community of scientists. And this has always been so for the Physarum community. For at least four decades (from 1972 to 2002) students of Physarum held formal meetings where they gathered to discuss current results and new opportunities. More importantly perhaps, they got to know one another on a personal basis and formed the kinds of loose collaborations that are best arranged "face-to-face" in a casual setting. [A listing of those meetings is below the line of asterisks on this page.] In a sense that was the "golden age" of Physarum meetings, but it was not to last. A meeting scheduled for the summer of 2004 was cancelled because so few people could attend. What happened? It is a rather complex story, which is best discussed elsewhere. To put it simply, scientists were finding new reasons for - and methods of - conducting meetings. It took some time for the Physarum community to adjust, but we have! The Genome working group has been conducting meetings by teleconferencing. Others have been doing similar things. And now we are pleased to announce the first (at least as far as Webmaster is aware) large scale Physarum workshop since 2002.

  • The first substantial Physarum workshop in over a decade was held in New York city, December 3-5, 2015. For more information click here.

    Previous meetings

    For some of these meetings our archives contain a copy of the abstract booklet, and/or some pictures. But our materials file is incomplete and much of it is not suitable for posting to the website. If you have a copy of the abstract book for a meeting, or some photos or brief notes you would be willing to share with us, please contact the Webmaster. We have special need for materials in pdf format.

  • 2002: 14th European Physarum Workshop; July 2-5; Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

  • 2000: Physarum Meeting 2000; July 4-9; Manoir du Lac Delage, Quebec, Canada

  • 1998: Special Workshop in Regensburg; November 26-27

  • 1998: 13th European Physarum Workshop; June 30 - July 5; in Leicester, England

  • 1996: 12th European Physarum Workshop; July 2-7; A in Lofoten, Norway

    1994: 11th European Physarum Workshop; July 4-9; Gif-sur-Yvette, France

    1993: 1993 North American Physarum Workshop; June 20-24; Asilomar Conference Center; Asilomar, California

    1992: Tenth European Physarum Workshop; April 7-12, 1992; Innsbruck - Igls, Austria

    1991: North American Physarum Conference; July 7-10; Idaho State University; Pocatello, Idaho

    1990: Ninth European Physarum Conference; April 2-7; University of Leicester; Leicester, England

    1989: North American Physarum Meeting; July 9-12; Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA

    1988: Eighth European Physarum Workshop; July 17-22; University of Regensburg; Regensburg; Germany

    1988: The Molecular Cell Biology of Physarum polycephalum; May 9-12; National Institute for Basic Biology; Okazaki, Japan

    1987: Physarum Conference 1987; July 6-9; University of California at Berkeley; Berkeley, California

    1986: Seventh European Physarum Workshop; July 13-18; University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, England

    1985: First International Workshop on the Molecular Biology of Physarum polycephalum; University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

    1984: Sixth European Physarum Workshop; April 24-28; Font Romeu, France

    1983: The Ninth North American Physarum Conference; June 12-15; Southern Methodist University; Dallas, Texas

    1981: Fifth European Physarum Meetings; July 13-18; Crakow; Poland

    1981: 1981 North American Physarum Conference; June 14-17; Haverford College; Haverford, Pennsylvania

    1979: Physarum Meeting; August 15-17; Laval University; Quebec, Canada 1979: Fourth European Physarum Workshop; March 19-23, 1979; Innsbruck - Seefeld, Austria

    1977: Second International Mycological Congress; 27 August - 3 September; University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

    1976: Third European Physarum Workshop; September 14-16; Ruttihubelbad (Bern), Switzerland

    1974: Second European Physarum Meeting; September 9-14; Leicester, England

    1973: Fourth Myxomycete Conference; November 18-20; Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, Florida

  • 1972: First European Physarum Meeting; September 11-14; Goettingen, Germany

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