Media Interest in Physarum

As progress continues on utilizing the potential of Myxomycetes to help unravel the mysteries of living systems, various media outlets are showing renewed interest in acellular slime molds. This section provides some links to media reports - along, in each case, with a very brief 'teaser' about the report.

Evidence that slime molds can earn - and perhaps even teach - a Washington Post article (January 2017) discussing how scientists taught Physarum to tolerate a repellant in order to reach a food source. This picks up on a longer article in The Atlantic, available here. For one of the actual journal articles on which these media reports are based, click here.

Engineers can learn from slime - a BBC news item (January 2010) about the possibility that plasmodial network structure might help engineers design wireless communication networks. With a nice video segment.

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