The amount of work done - and published - on any model biological system is vast. We do not attempt here to list all publications on Physarum and related species. [Modern search engines allow anyone with a computer and internet access to find more relevant publications than most can assimilate.] Instead, this section is a listing of books, major review articles, and monographs that visitors to this website may find useful. If anyone in the Physarum community is aware of such source material that we have not listed, please contact the Webmaster and provide the relevant information.


- Myxomycetes of Ohio: Their Systematics, Biology, and Use in Teaching by Harold W. Keller and Karl L. Braun. Published in 1999; a review of this book is available here.



- University of Leicester Physarum Group Doctoral Theses. Prepared by Jennifer Dee and Juliet Bailey, this document provides links to a number of doctoral dissertations published on Physarum Genetics and Behavior from 1969 - 2000. If the links in the WORD document do not work directly, cut and paste them into the address window of your favorite browser. The document is available here.

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