This section is devoted to those non-scientists (or fledgling scientists) who are interested in simple methods for culturing Physarum. [Those who would like more detailed documentation as to methods are referred to the section entitled Experimental Protocols and Technical Tips.] Some of the documentation included here is not easily referenced, having come from websites that are no longer available, or having been obtained via web-surfing (e.g. Google) that yielded material in one search but not another. Wherever possible I have included, in the document, the URL from which it was obtained and/or an acknowledgment of the source. I apologize for any inadvertent infringement on copyright or "intellectual property" but ask forgiveness since the sole purpose of this section is to encourage the non-expert - especially young students - to give it a try and HAVE SOME FUN.

Slime Mold Growing Kit is a pdf version posted here and also available at the Carolina Biological Supply Company website (

A Simple Method of Growing the Plasmodial Slime Mold Physarum polycephalum is an html document originally posted by Paul Davison on the University of North Alabama website; I've included the complete URL at the end of the file.

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